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  • Design and Conceptualisation

    Today it is not enough to simply manufacture reliable and high quality products. Energy savings and product effi­ciency, both in aerodynamic and acoustic terms, are the basic foundations for the design of our products. In this regard we use the most advanced aerodynamic simula­tion software and other technological productivity tools to assist our developments around the world.

    The firm commitment of all Soler & Palau Ventilation Group companies to improving product efficiency and energy savings, have led us to adopt what we call EcoDe­sign, This design philosophy forms the basis of concepts such as our Controlled Demand Ventilation and Intelligent Control System ranges along with products specifically designed to recover energy.

    In addition, as result of this philosophy, Soler & Palau Ventilation Group engineers do not only work on efficien­cy but also take into account the recyclability of com­ponents for the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of products when they reach the end of their ser­vice life.