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  • Principles of the Company

    Here at Soler&Palau we strive to be recognised as a global leader in ventilation by our clients and collaborators. We are proud of our history and corporate culture, and are thus committed to growing and evolving without losing sight of our roots.

    Based on the cultural pillars of Humility, Austerity and Transparency, S&P Group applies the following principles:

    • Internationalisation and Growth: Since the company was founded in 1951, it has aimed to implement a strategy of on-going investment in new products and increased expansion on the global market.
    • Proprietary technology: We are driven by the desire to continually improve and, therefore, are pioneers in research, development and innovation in new products and industrial processes.
    • Self-financing: Self-financing is a key factor for our financial independence and stability.
    • Excellence in Management: based on our dedication, honesty, high standards and determination to do things right, our commitment is to achieve the high-quality standards and services that our customers deserve.
    • Staff Development: We endeavour to strengthen our human resources by encouraging teamwork, internal job promotion and training. Our managers are trained to delegate responsibility, having trust and total respect for each individual.


    Now in the second decade of the 21st century, by developing and improving management tools (performance evaluation, life-long learning, interdepartmental communication and internal codes of conduct), we strive to achieve the following goals for the future:

    • To cultivate respect for the individual through the delegation of responsibilities (Empowerment).

    • To actively manage the contribution and transfer of ideas among the group’s different business units (Best Practices).

    • To promote achievement through the alignment of our corporate values with each individual’s involvement in the development of the vision and mission of our business project.

    • To identify, promote and retain talent.